Become a Volunteer and get into the con for free!

Kami-Con needs volunteers for checking badges at the doors, making sure lines stay within fire code, and other simple miscellaneous tasks. You will meet with volunteer managers who will work with you to pick 8 time slots 1 hour in length to work. If supervising Kami-Con staff members have marked you for all of your slots, you will receive a full rebate for Kami-Con's entrance fee.

To apply to be a volunteer, fill out this form! That easy.
If you sign up as a volunteer, keep an eye out for an e-mail closer to con time!

Please Note:

You MUST pre-register (purchase a badge / pass) before volunteering. No walk-in volunteers will be accepted this year!

Volunteers must respond to staff emails (Please give us an active email address that you check regularly!), attend orientation, either the Friday or Saturday of the con, and must work at least 8 hours (doesn't have to be consecutive).

Volunteers will be reimbursed (refunded the cost of their badge) once their time has been completed.

Volunteer Form

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If there was an error with your contact information, or if you will be unable to volunteer, please let us know at volunteer@kamicon.net