Con Story Game

Kami-Con SVU: Sci-Fi Victims Unit

A new year, a new season, a new plot. And... a new universe??

Last year, Kosho, along with her loyal congoers, helped restore Shio's identity by completely rebooting the universe into an Extreme Sci-Fi world, full of futurustic new gadgets, technology, robots, androids, and aliens.

Hang on... Aliens!?

Yes, it seems that this universe comes fraught with its own perils. Just as Shio and Kosho are trying to find their place in the new world, their con is already being attacked by aliens. People are being infected and mind-controlled left and right, but nobody knows who's helping them!

Enter PHOENIX WRIGHT, Attorney at Law!

Wait... what?

This is a mystery that can only be solved, in COURT! You, the congoers, will collect evidence throughout the con, solve mysteries, and piece together clues to find out who among the con is helping the aliens take over and thwarting Shio and Kosho's own plans for world conquest. But, it won't be easy! You'll have to work together to solve this one.

Will you be able to pinpoint the culprit? Or is Kami-Con and this new world doomed already?...