This time...

Season 9

It's a brave new world, Kami-Con!

Last year, Kosho and her loyal followers (that's you!) worked together to reboot the universe in order to restore Shio to her rightful place as one of our beloved congirls. The congoers used their Kami-Gotchies (version 2.0) to collect their Otaku Spirit Energy and channel their points into one of four universes-- a Cool universe where everyone wears sunglasses; a Japanese universe where Japanese culture proliferated; an Extreme Sci-Fi universe set in a futuristic world where everyone shouts a lot; and a Cute universe, where everything is just kawaii and rainbows.

In the end, the congoers chose the Extreme Sci-Fi universe as the new universe for Kami-Con. With the press of a button, our old universe was wiped clean, and a new Kami-Con was born! Complete with new logo, outfits, and theme, Shio and Kosho are back in action and ready to bring a whole new world of anime to Alabama!

Check out this season's interactive story game here! Also, you can read past seasons' summaries here.
Stay vigilant and stay informed, congoers!