Jessie Pridemore

Jessie Pridemore is a 17 year veteran of the diverse and colorful cosplay community. An accomplished and award winning seamstress in her own right, she has served as a cosplay model for some of the biggest companies in the Anime and Gaming industry, including Machinima, Gungho, Ubisoft, Aniplex, Funimation, Bandai, NIS America and others. She has also made costumes for, Blizzard Entertainment and Obsidian Entertainment. For conventions, she has judged numerous Masquerades, coordinated competitions of all kinds and hosted many panels. Jessie has also had the honor of judging the 2012 Eurocosplay Championship finals in London. She has been featured in an episode of Subcultures as well as videos by Machinima and Nerdist. She also volunteers her time for the Combat Radio’s Breakfast with Santa charity and CASA. Early in 2014, she was featured in a Microsoft Windows Phone ad representing cosplay and was featured in a full page spread of Airbrush Action with a cosplay body painting project coordinated by Webble.

You can also catch her as a contestant on the Syfy series “Cosplay Melee!”

When not working on her latest costume creation, Jessie’s passion is photography, with her work being published in various online and print publications including Newsweek. She is currently a seamstress and designer for Sypher Arts studios and SpiritHoods.