YouTube Series

KRWBY Productions’ story begins at Kami-Con Season 9, when a series of fortunate events brought a group of random RWBY cosplayers together for the first time. That group of RWBY cosplayers became the original cast and crew of “RWBY: ABRG”, a brand-new fan-based parody of Rooster Teeth’s hit show, “RWBY”.

Today, KRWBY Productions serves as one of the premier sources for new RWBY-based content on YouTube. The international team of performers, 3D modelers, and writers boasts a large library of content, ranging from “RWBY: ABRG” and the audio-based “World of Remnant Abridged” to RWBY comic dub compilations and original skits filmed with Virtual Reality technology.

Approximately 30 members of KRWBY Productions will be at Kami-Con hosting panels, entertaining crowds with VR technology at their table, and giving tips and tricks to all who are interested! Don’t miss out!