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A panel is part of convention programming and can be seen as a workshop or a classroom of sorts. Typically, a panel is instructional or informational pertaining to a particular topic, such as “Wig Styling 101” or “An Introduction to My Little Pony”.

However, many can be merely a forum for congoers to talk about their favorite shared fandom, and some can be very hands-on. Their mood can vary anywhere from completely serious to absolutely wacky.


Then please fill out this form! If you have any problems or questions, feel free to e-mail us at


We prioritize workshops and interactive programming above other panels, so if you have an idea for fun, engaging, interactive programming, we want to hear from you!


What types of panels can you submit? Anything! But to help you along, your panel might fit in one of these categories…

Here you talk about a topic or fandom. This could be a lecture or presentation; sometimes allowing audiences to ask questions or add their own comments.

Workshops are hands-on! You provide materials and teach the audience how to do something or make something. Usually, this ends up with the audience able to take something they made home with them. At the very least, they got to work on something. (Sometimes Workshop panels will charge the audience members a small fee for materials to participate. Please specify if you wish to charge for materials, and how much you wish to charge.)

You’re getting your audience involved! Whether you’re bringing them up to debate what two characters would win in a fight, pitting them against each other in a game show, or challenging them to defeat Sans in front of an audience, the audience is actively engaged! Great examples would be our Kami-Con events Iron Cosplay and Anime Dating Game.

Do you think your panel fits into some other category? Pick this one and let us know what you think it is! We’re all ears!

Keep in mind it’s perfectly alright to submit multiple panel entries! We appreciate your ideas, so feel free to brainstorm!

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