NAME : Shio

BIRTHDAY : April 25th

LIKES : Bunnies, Flowers, Cute Things, Her Sister, Happiness, Fruit Drinks, Spring, Smiles, Stars, Fun Emoticons, Dancing, Twirling, Streamers, Sparkly Things

DISLIKES : Mean People, Mud, Sticky Things, Slimy Things, Spinach


BLOOD TYPE : B Positive

Shio is Kosho’s older sister. She is the bubbly, fun, and more cheerful of the two girls. Previously in Season 8, she regained her identity after losing it to The Queen of Heartless with the help of Kosho and the congoers. To do so, however, they had to reset the universe entirely! Now, Shio’s got a sweet new set of futuristic Sci-Fi duds, and is ready for whatever this new world has for her and her sister! … Hopefully.