NAME : Kosho

BIRTHDAY : April 24

LIKES : The Moon, Night Time, “Cool Things”, Snow, Her Motorcycle, Her Sephie Doll, Winter, Frustrating Her Sister, Gathering Minions, Bringing Congoers to “The Dark Side”

DISLIKES : Overly Happy People, Smelly Dogs, Insolent Subjects


BLOOD TYPE : B Negative

Kosho is Kami-Con’s second congirl, and is Shio-chan’s little sister. Previously in Season 8, she and the congoers helped recover Shio’s identity after she’d lost it and forgotten who she was after The Queen of Heartless corrupted her. To do this however, they had to reset the universe entirely! Now, Kosho’s got a sweet new set of futuristic Sci-Fi duds, and is ready for whatever this new world has for her and her sister! … Hopefully.