Con Story Game

Kami-Con Season 11: READY PLAYER CON

Last year at Kami-Con, you helped Shio & Kosho trap Shoyu on the gaming planet Vidya.

With his forces defeated, he’s trying to build up a new fighting force with the powerful gaming heroes of this world!

But he can’t do that if YOU get to them first!

There will be several Event Challenges at the con. Battle for the loyalty of the planet’s inhabitants! The final fate of the con will take place on the battlefield… The SUPER SMASH BROS. battlefield!

It’s Shio & Kosho vs Shoyu. For every challenge you win, Shio & Kosho get another fighter on their team! For every challenge you lose, Shoyu gains one.

Who’s up for grabs? You’ll be competing for…

RYU (Street Fighter)


What’s a dodgeball if not just a rubber Hadouken? Compete in this dodgeball game for the fate of Ryu’s loyalty! If Shio & Kosho’s side wins, he fights for them. If Shoyu’s side wins, he’s on Shoyu’s team for the final battle.



She’s not afraid to throw down! Even if she does need protecting from time to time. That’s where you come in! Protect the congirls while attacking Shoyu and Peach! If Shio & Kosho win, Peach joins them in the final fight! But if they lose, Shoyu gains another minion…

VAULT BOY (Fallout)


What do you want? It’s Capture the Flag! Grab the flag, run, AND DON’T GET CAUGHT! If Shio & Kosho secure Shoyu and Vault Boy’s flag, Vault Boy will join their side for the end fight. If Shoyu and Vault Boy capture the girls’ flag, Vault Boy will remain on Shoyu’s team.

LINK (Legend of Zelda)


If you’ve played Breath of the Wild, Link develops a MASSIVE appetite! And you’re going to have to match it for a chance to win!! Fight for Shio & Kosho, and if you can eat more than Link, he’ll swear fealty to the congirls! If not, he’ll be seduced to the dark lord Shoyu’s side.


This is not a fight you want to miss! Sunday afternoon at Closing Ceremonies, Shio, Kosho, Shoyu, and the rest will throw down in a 3-Stock match in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! The teams will be decided based on how you did in the Event Challenges– Will it be an even fight, or will it be a one-sided massacre?

The fate of Kami-Con rests in your hands! … Again.

(This happens a lot, doesn’t it?)