Con Story Game

KAMI-CON X: Wrath of Con

Previously on Kami-Con…

Someone tried to take over the convention with mind-controlling aliens! But everyone had been infected– who could we trust? How could we figure out who was leading the aliens in their attack?

That’s where you came in, congoers! You solved the puzzles and ciphers, and followed the clues! Only to find out that it was none other than SHOYU, Shio and Kosho’s magical animal mascot, who was leading the attack!

… Wait, what?

Yes, it appears that Shoyu finally tired of waiting for Shio and Kosho to accomplish their goal of World Conquest, and has decided to take matters into his own hands. He is now leading an army of aliens to take over the world, and it’s up to YOU to stop him!

You are all cadets aboard the S.S. (Spaceworthy Ship) Kami-Con. Shio and Kosho are your Fleet Admirals. You must help them assemble a fleet of deadly ships to tackle the alien menace, and take Shoyu down once and for all!

Collect cards, trade with your fellow congoers, and rise in rank to build the most epic batallion Shoyu’s forces have ever seen!

But, Shio and Kosho have never gotten along, and they’re not going to start now. Shio believes we should trap Shoyu on Vidya, a planet where the physics and characteristics of the world have developed into those not unlike our Video Games. Kosho thinks we should trap him on ComiX, a planet where the world and its inhabitants evolved into something very similar to our manga and comic books.

They’re leaving it up to YOU to decide! As your turn in your cards, you will be asked to donate your points to the side of your choice. What will you choose?

What planet will we attempt to trap Shoyu on?
Comics? Or Video Games?