Disability Services

Dedicated to a fun and safe time for all!

Disability Services will be located at the Information Desk of Kami-Con. If you have any requests for accomodations, please email us at kamiconstaff@kamicon.net as soon as possible to give us time to see if we can provide the accommodation.


If you will need the use of a wheelchair at Kami-Con, please make arrangements to bring or rent a wheelchair. While there are some seating areas around the convention center, they may not be frequent enough to suit your needs. To inquire about wheelchair rental availability in Birmingham, please contact either of these locations:

Elrod Mobility
1930 3rd Avenue
North Bessemer, AL 35020
(205) 823-8181

Mobility Central
400 Old Towne Road
Vestavia Hills, AL 35216
(205) 916-0670

Please make arrangements before the convention or as soon as possible; at last year's Kami-Con, no wheelchairs were available for rental during the convention because they were already in use.