Contact the Staff

Here at Kami-Con we try to be as helpful to our congoers, vendors, parents, and guests as possible.

Below are various ways to contact the staff for anything you might need. Please do not hesitate to message us!

Raymond Lenzner (Kami-Con Chair) -
Contact if you need vendor information, are looking to establish guest relations, have a con-related concern, would like to establish a con-related project, or have any other issue not covered by the other contacts.

The Webmaster -
Contact if you discover any problems with the website or have website-related concerns.

Artist Alley -
Contact if you have questions or concerns about the Artist Alley.

AMVs -
Contact if you questions about the AMV contest.

Volunteers -
Contact if you would like to volunteer or have any questions about volunteering.

And of course we're on social media!