Hey guys, it’s that time again! What time? What, you don’t know? It’s Shio and Kosho New Outfit Contest Time! Shio is a heartless and Kosho must go to a fantasy world to save her (with your help of course) and they need new outfits so all this can happen! (Because that’s how magical girls work, right?)

Entering is easy! Simply draw, paint, sketch, model, whatever and outfit and email it to: kami… with the subject line: season 7 outfit contest. You can submit as many times as you want!
The prize: a free 3-day pass to Kami-Con Season 7!
Time frame? The last day to enter in is Sunday, April 20th.
The winning outfits will be featured in all Kami-Con Season 7 artwork and will be turned into real life cosplays for the con-girls!

Some helpful guidelines:
– Shio’s color scheme is typically red/pink, white, and yellow. (Take note that Shio is a heartless this year, so you can take liberties with her color scheme)
– Kosho’s color scheme is typically purple, black, and blue.
– While the design does not need to prominently display a star or moon, Shio needs to have some sort of star adornment in her hair, and Kosho must have some sort of crescent moon adornment in her hair.
– Outfit designs must be family friendly to PG-13. Nothing too revealing!

Good luck everyone!

Pre-Order Your DVD Now!

Hey congoers! Now that Kami-Con is over, you totally want your commemorative DVD, right?

The Kami-Con S6 DVD will have a highlight reel containing footage of YOU! The congoers! It will also feature full footage of the Opening and Closing ceremonies (including storyline skits), Cosplay Contest, and the Wedding, complete with commentary and behind the scenes!

For only $10 and free shipping, it’s an excellent deal!

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Another year, another Kami-Con gone by!

But that doesn’t mean our work is over, not by a long shot! We constantly work to improve Kami-Con and make it an even better experience for next year. We are already coming up with ideas on how to improve, but we need YOUR help!

We want your feedback! We need to know what you liked, but more importantly, what you DIDN’T like, and any ideas you might have to fix what you didn’t like! This is YOUR chance to have your voices heard and make an impact! We read every last thing you guys send us, and we bring everything up at our meetings and brainstorm ideas.

Go to and give us your thoughts! You can focus on just the good, just the bad, both, or whatever you want.

Thank you all SO much for coming to Kami-Con and supporting us! We hope you all had an amazing time (we know we did), and Ray and Chelsea want to extend their deepest gratitude and love for everyone who came out to be a part of their wedding!


Weather + Schedule + Rave + Cosplay Contest

Hello congoers!

We have an updated tentative schedule for you! Things are STILL subject to change, but this is very close!

There has been some concern regarding weather and a possible cancellation of the con. This is absolutely NOT HAPPENING and Kami-Con will be continuing as planned! The temperature will warm up and everything should be nice again by Friday. It’s looking to be a pleasant weekend for everyone!

The Rave is 16+ and has a NO BAG policy. In the past, we still let you bring in the bags despite the policy, but this year we WILL NOT LET YOU IN with a bag. There are no exceptions, and there will be no ‘looking in your bag’ at the door.
– Please take your bag or purse to your hotel room, car, or leave it with a friend outside the Rave.
– We CANNOT make exceptions for anyone under the age of 16! Even if you are “almost 16”.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but it is all for your safety!

Cosplay contest sign ups will be Saturday morning, first come, first serve. If you miss the pre-judging time you signed up for, you will not be judged and will not be allowed in the contest.

Thanks, and see you all there! Stay safe!

1 Hour Remains!! Pre-Register Your Butts Off!

GUYS!! There’s only ONE hour left to take advantage of our super amazing extended Pre-Registration offer! Did it sneak up on you guys, too?? If so, you still have time!! Jump on over to and pre-register! You’ll save yourself $10 and WHO KNOWS how much time waiting in line! Do it, or forever regret your wasted $10!