Kami-Con X DESIGN CONTEST! – $200 Cash Prize!

*NOTE: Please read all information before submitting!

Greetings again, artist-chans and artist-kuns, guess what time it is?

BOOM! That’s right, the Kami-Con X Design Contest!!

This year, Shoyu is waging war on Kami-Con with his army of space aliens. Shio & Kosho are now the commanders of the resistance, and they need outfits to match!

Winning designs will be used for official Shio and Kosho artwork for Kami-Con X, and also be made into FULL-FLEDGED COSPLAYS to be worn by our congirls during the skits and at the con!

Oh, and of course you can win those sweet, sweet dolla bills~ $$$$$

– Shio & Kosho are commanders leading a resistance in space. Think of some Sci-Fi resistance leader or military-style outfits that keep our anime roots. Space battles are the name of the game, baby!
– Shio’s color scheme is typically red/pink, white, and yellow.
– Kosho’s color scheme is typically purple, black, and blue.
– While the design does not need to prominently display a star or moon, Shio needs to have some sort of star adornment in her hair, and Kosho must have some sort of crescent moon adornment in her hair.
– Outfit designs must be family friendly to PG-13. Nothing too revealing!

– We are awarding two $100 prizes, one for each congirl. You can submit just Shio, just Kosho, or both together!
– You may submit as many designs as you like.
– You can submit anything from a scribbled sketch to a fully colored design. Everything will be judged!

For art references, scroll through our Story section and take a look at each year’s designs! – www.kamicon.net/story

The most recent designs can be found here: http://www.kamicon.net/story/season-9

Yes! That means you can win TWICE! That’s $200 smackers, right in your pocket!

Outfit designs are due by Sunday, April 23rd at 11:59pm CST. No designs will be accepted after this time!

To submit your design(s), send an e-mail to kamiconstaff@kamicon.net with the subject Kami-Con X Design Contest

You’ve got 2 weeks, so get arting! Winners will be announced shortly after the contest concludes!

If you have any questions, post them here and we’ll answer as best as we can!

Thanks, and good luck! <3


It’s that time of year again, congoers. Time to HELP US MAKE KAMI-CON BETTER!

What did you like? More importantly, what DIDN’T you like? We want to hear the good AND the bad, so we can build a better convention experience for everyone!

We read EVERY SINGLE ONE of these, so this is your chance to make your voice heard! It helps us out more than you can imagine. So please give us your feedback!

Please take the Kami-Con Season 9 Feedback Survey

Guest Cancellation: Doug Walker, Robert Walker, and Tamara Chambers of Channel Awesome

Bad news, congoers. :(

Doug Walker, Robert Walker, and Tamara Chambers of Channel Awesome all got suddenly ill this week and won’t be able to make it to Kami-Con. They’ll be fine, but we won’t be having them this weekend. :(

BUT! We still have Malcolm Ray (from The Nostalgia Critic) and Leo Thompson (That SciFi Guy), so be sure to come see them and give them a warm welcome!

We’ll try for the full Channel Awesome team again in the future, so don’t fret, congoers!

These things happen, and we’re still going to provide an amazing time! We can’t wait to see you all this weekend! <3

Season 9 Tentative Schedule!

Hey-hey, look what we’ve got! A TENTATIVE SCHEDULE for you guys! (Click to expand)

Friday: http://kamicon.net/S9Friday.pdf
Saturday: http://kamicon.net/S9Saturday.pdf
Sunday: http://kamicon.net/S9Sunday.pdf

Since there’s NO way you can read these itty bitty images, we’ve uploaded the tentative schedule to the links above..
These links will be the live version of the schedule, so anytime you check it will be the newest version! (Though you may need to refresh.)

In case the all-caps aren’t enough, we want to stress this schedule is TENTATIVE! That means that things are subject to change! This is NOT the final schedule you will see at the con!
However, it is very very close, and a pretty accurate schedule that should meet your planning needs! ;)

If anything looks weird, doesn’t make sense, etc, DON’T WORRY! It’ll be fixed or explained much better by con time. :)

Happy planning!