Kami-Con Season 7 Feedback Survey

Well, Kami-Con is over, and WHEW are we tired. We hope you guys had a lot of fun!

With that being said, we are ALWAYS looking to improve! We want to know what you liked, but more importantly, what you DIDN’T like, so we can fix it!

If you would, please take a few moments to fill out our survey below. We will read ALL of these, so your opinion DOES matter, and your voices ARE heard!


Thank you so much! You’re helping us build a better convention experience.


We told you last time that the schedule was tentative, and boy howdy was it! Much has changed over the last week, but you’ll be happy to know this is the FINAL SCHEDULE!

Why is it final? Well, because we’ve sent them for print. If there are any changes, tough for us!

We also included some food info to make sure you guys don’t starve.


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This year’s Cosplay Contest is a craftsmanship contest. This means you will be judged on the costume or prop you have made yourself (unless you are entering the youth category).

Please do not enter the Cosplay Contest if you did not make a overall grand majority of your costume; by entering you could be robbing another person of the chance to show off their hard work.

We are changing the way we are holding pre-judging this year and we hope this new way will make things more fair for everyone!

– Pre-Judging is Saturday from 10am to 2pm in Anime Viewing Room 1.

– It will be first come, first serve. This means to be judged you will need to line up until you are called in to be judged. (You may begin lining up at 10 am when the con opens.)

– In the line, a Cosplay Pre-judging Form will be handed to you to fill out. (We will hand these out 5 people at a time, until we have run out of time to judge).

– You will only have a short time with the judges so be ready to explain your costume or prop and how it was made!

– After you are judged, your picture will be taken and you will be given a number, and then you will be allowed to leave.

– Be sure to report to the First Floor Ballroom at 2pm during setup for an explanation of where to stand, walk, and sit during the contest! (This is very important and should not be skipped!) There will be a staff member at the door keeping anyone from entering the room, simply explain that you are actually a part of the contest and they will allow you inside.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! See you at the con!

Food Information!

Quite possibly the biggest special guest of them all, FOOD is making an appearance at Kami-Con for the first time ever!

In addition to the hotel restaurants and the Subway that never believes us when we say “You need more food,” Kami-Con will have, wait for it…

CONCESSIONS! Glorious, delicious concessions, located in Exhibit Halls 2 & 3!

Not only that, but an entire restaurant block has opened up near the BJCC! Here, we’ve drawn you a little treasure map.


Rejoice, congoers! There is a day we will starve at a convention, but it is not this day!!