Attendee Sponsorship


Kami-Con realizes that sometimes the cost of attending a convention can be prohibitive.

However, Kami-Con was founded as a place where all otaku, regardless of their status in life, can have fun and enjoy themselves around others like themselves.

We want you to be able to come and enjoy our convention. To that end, we are continuing the
Kami-Con Attendee Sponsorship Program.

We will be accepting applications from anyone who is unable to attend because of Kami-Con’s attendance cost.

We ask that you please do not unfairly abuse this program. Spaces are very limited and applying does not guarantee acceptance. This is to help people who cannot afford to come to Kami-Con, but still deserve to be able to enjoy a convention; those for whom this is their once-a-year event!

So please, fill out this form with reasons why Kami-Con should sponsor you, and you could be awarded a Kami-Con Sponsorship. This includes a free full 3-day pass to Kami-Con!

Applications for the Attendee Sponsorship Program must be received by January 1st, 2018. Applicants will receive a response by January 8th, 2018.

Much love, from all of us at Kami-Con!

Attendee Sponsorship Form

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