Maid Cafe by La Parfait

Hello Kami-Con sweeties! And you less sweet, bitter ones. Bittersweeties? Yes! Hello you Kami-Con Sweeties and Bittersweeties! We’ve got a wonderful little announcement for you.

Remember our ~FOOD~ announcement back when? Well that also opens up the doors for a Maid Cafe! So that’s exactly what we’re doing! You’ll be opening doors to the La Parfait Maid & Butler Cafe!

La Parfait is a group of Maids and Butlers that work hard to bring a quality Japanese maid cafe experience to conventions. They’ll be running a Japanese style Maid & Butler Cafe during the convention and performing an Idol Show at the con, bringing an extra bit of Japanese culture to Kami-Con.

Come see them in action! (And eat tasty treats, too!)