Guest Announcement – Micah Solusod!

He may not have magical powers but Micah Solusod is a fair-trade, free range professional voice actor and illustrator! He is best known for his roles as…

– Soul Evans in Soul Eater
– Yuri Plisetsky in Yuri!!! On ICE
– Yuichiro Hyakuya in Seraph of the End
– Best Jeanist in My Hero Academia
– Toma Kamijo in A Certain Magical Index
– Gakushu Asano in Assassination Classroom
– Akito Hyuga in Code Geass: Akito the Exiled!
– Yukine in Noragami
– Mizuki in Kamisama Kiss
– Popuko (Pop Team Epic)
– Adult Coby in One Piece
– Arata Kaizaki in ReLIFE
– Midnight in Fairy Tail
– Bea in Space Dandy
– Riku in Show by Rock!!
– Boris Feulner in Attack on Titan
– Wisely in D.Gray-Man Hallow
– Tagoma in Dragon Ball Super
– Older Ame in Wolf Children
– Ao Fukai in Eureka Seven AO
– Black/King of Despair in Blood Blockade Battlefront
– Seido Takizawa in Tokyo Ghoul
– Nikolai Krasotkin in The Empire of Corpses
– Kakeru Naruse in Orange
– Shun Kaidou in The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

It’s likely he’s done more but who’s counting?

When he’s not posting unhelpful voice acting tips on Twitter, Micah works as the lead artist for Painapple Studio.

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