Season 9 Tentative Schedule!

Hey-hey, look what we’ve got! A TENTATIVE SCHEDULE for you guys! (Click to expand)


Since there’s NO way you can read these itty bitty images, we’ve uploaded the tentative schedule to the links above..
These links will be the live version of the schedule, so anytime you check it will be the newest version! (Though you may need to refresh.)

In case the all-caps aren’t enough, we want to stress this schedule is TENTATIVE! That means that things are subject to change! This is NOT the final schedule you will see at the con!
However, it is very very close, and a pretty accurate schedule that should meet your planning needs! ;)

If anything looks weird, doesn’t make sense, etc, DON’T WORRY! It’ll be fixed or explained much better by con time. :)

Happy planning!